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I hope you find something beneficial here

Brick-and-mortar book-shops have been closing down, one after another.

I'm trying to contribute where I can, in as appropriate a manner as possible, with what little strength that remains in these frail arms.


I attended a screening of a documentary, at a nearby cinema.

It was about how humans manage – or fail to manage – industrial waste, and consumer waste. There were a lot of statistics in the documentary.

It ended on an carefully curated optimistic note:


In other words, what do I want to work on, moving forward?

  1. Apply for a subsidy in renting a public house. (here be formidable bureaucratic dragons). c.f.: Mei Ying.
  2. Toil away at a higher-salary job so that I can afford a more expensive house. (But why would I want a more expensive house, in the first place?). Become a piano-teacher, maybe? Or, a software-salesman? CRM, ERP?

Darren suggested future directions.

HCAC: private acting school with various short courses of styles and methods.

Nine Years Theatre: Actor Training


Improvised acting.

Games, and exercises, to build up confidence and reflexes.

  • stand in a circle. Next person asks you: “what are you doing?” That next person has to do what you say. For example, you might say: “I am playing soccer on the moon.”
  • enter a space. put in, or take out something. Exit the space. Then, the next person has to evolve the story.

Ways of using your body to convey feelings.

  • disgusted: your body is tensing up
  • overjoyed: you are walking on a bed of roses
  • frustrated: your guts are twisting


Interactions with the world of theatre in Singapore.

  1. watched a play. “The House of Bernarda Alba.” (Produced by Wild Rice). 2014. Location: Drama Centre, National Library Board Building.
  2. Encountered Wong Souk Yee, and Jason Soo. 2014.
  3. Experienced Recess Time, by The Theatre Practice. 2019. Location: 58 Waterloo Street, Singapore.
  4. Watched a recording of an opera. “Faust”. (Produced by Royal Opera House in the United Kingdom). 2019

This list is not exhaustive.

Kitchen Staff

  1. Qian Ling, full-time

the practice script was “Come in, Nielsen.”

the actors were L and H.

Darren observed their performance once, and then told them to perform again, but with a game in mind – an actor's game. L's goal is to get H to look at her for more than three seconds. H's goal is to give L as little eye-contact as possible.


“It is better to be a glorious failure than a mediocre success.”

Mediocre success hinders you from tasting glorious success. (Editor's note: Darren attributes this quote to the late playwright, Kuo Pao Kun)


terminology from Darren

“invisible body”: What an actor does off-stage, which helps in his performance on-stage. Eg. Tai-chi, amateur boxing, basketball, soccer, marathon-running, stamina-training.