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In other words, what do I want to work on, moving forward?

  1. Apply for a subsidy in renting a public house. (here be formidable bureaucratic dragons). c.f.: Mei Ying.
  2. Toil away at a higher-salary job so that I can afford a more expensive house. (But why would I want a more expensive house, in the first place?). Become a piano-teacher, maybe? Or, a software-salesman? CRM, ERP?

Darren suggested future directions.

HCAC: private acting school with various short courses of styles and methods.

Nine Years Theatre: Actor Training


Improvised acting.

Games, and exercises, to build up confidence and reflexes.

  • stand in a circle. Next person asks you: “what are you doing?” That next person has to do what you say. For example, you might say: “I am playing soccer on the moon.”
  • enter a space. put in, or take out something. Exit the space. Then, the next person has to evolve the story.

Ways of using your body to convey feelings.

  • disgusted: your body is tensing up
  • overjoyed: you are walking on a bed of roses
  • frustrated: your guts are twisting


Interactions with the world of theatre in Singapore.

  1. watched a play. “The House of Bernarda Alba.” (Produced by Wild Rice). 2014. Location: Drama Centre, National Library Board Building.
  2. Encountered Wong Souk Yee, and Jason Soo. 2014.
  3. Experienced Recess Time, by The Theatre Practice. 2019. Location: 58 Waterloo Street, Singapore.
  4. Watched a recording of an opera. “Faust”. (Produced by Royal Opera House in the United Kingdom). 2019

This list is not exhaustive.

  1. Qian Ling, full-time

the practice script was “Come in, Nielsen.”

the actors were L and H.

Darren observed their performance once, and then told them to perform again, but with a game in mind – an actor's game. L's goal is to get H to look at her for more than three seconds. H's goal is to give L as little eye-contact as possible.


“It is better to be a glorious failure than a mediocre success.”

Mediocre success hinders you from tasting glorious success. (Editor's note: Darren attributes this quote to the late playwright, Kuo Pao Kun)


terminology from Darren

“invisible body”: What an actor does off-stage, which helps in his performance on-stage. Eg. Tai-chi, amateur boxing, basketball, soccer, marathon-running, stamina-training.


Please let me ask – who, indeed, exerts control over this planet? Are the following people in control?

  1. Luis Rubiales, former President of the Spanish football federation. (“Luis Rubiales, Former Spanish Soccer Chief, Faces Arrest”. In The New York Times. 21 March 2024. And: “Luis Rubiales quits in wake of World Cup kiss scandal”. In The Guardian. 10th September 2023).

Acted with Ariel using a practice-script, titled “Come in, Nielsen”.

As things turned out, our scene became a confrontation between two hostile criminals.