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Please let me ask – who, indeed, exerts control over this planet? Are the following people in control?

  1. Luis Rubiales, former President of the Spanish football federation. (“Luis Rubiales, Former Spanish Soccer Chief, Faces Arrest”. In The New York Times. 21 March 2024. And: “Luis Rubiales quits in wake of World Cup kiss scandal”. In The Guardian. 10th September 2023).

Acted with Ariel using a practice-script, titled “Come in, Nielsen”.

As things turned out, our scene became a confrontation between two hostile criminals.


A new classmate made his entrance today: Joao (pronounced somewhat like Jo-el), a youthful-looking man from Portugal.

He had missed the previous two classes due to a business trip – or so he claims – but he seemed to catch up quite quickly.

Today's exercise: intercostal diaphrammatic breathing.

Lie down and breathe in. Notice how your belly rises.

Now sit up and breathe in. Notice how your shoulders hunch up.


Two new classmates: Kester and Karis.

Kester brought his young son to class because there was nobody else to take care of his son.

Karis has a day-time job that involves sitting at a computer,


New game: Zip, Zap, Zoom. New rules. Everybody knew nothing about the game except our coach/teacher. But we managed to get a nice rhythm going, eventually. I feel proud of myself. I realised that I'm not incompetent, I just need some guidance and practice.

Exercise for the diaphragm:


Weight: 56.5 kilograms Height: 1.69 metres Complexion: light-skinned, not dark-skinned Bespectacled: yes


I'm back. Back at my footprints in the dusty tracks here — nearly obliterated by time and dust, gathered over a yawn of twenty years – or was it thirty?

Where are my classmates now?


我走过寒冬 多么灿烂的阳光 季节的流动


The last time I went to Pulau Ubin was in the year 2012 A D., if I remember correctly.

That time, I was in a group of about 12 people. But today, I went alone.

I saw a neglected or abandoned garden patch. There was supposed to be lemongrass and other edible plants but most of them had shrivelled up.


This is just a list of projects that I've undertaken with other people.