what's on my plate?

In other words, what do I want to work on, moving forward?

  1. Apply for a subsidy in renting a public house. (here be formidable bureaucratic dragons). c.f.: Mei Ying.
  2. Toil away at a higher-salary job so that I can afford a more expensive house. (But why would I want a more expensive house, in the first place?). Become a piano-teacher, maybe? Or, a software-salesman? CRM, ERP?
  3. Memorise a composition by Tchaikovsky.
  4. Further cultivate a (time-intensive) practice: re-purposing waste-materials from the industry of coffee.
  5. Enrol in intermediate-level acting lessons. c.f.: Darren.
  6. Become an apprentice to a hairstylist, on a salaried basis. (It sounds fun! But of course, I will have to be diligent.) c.f.: Sylvia.
  7. Enrol in an Artistic Directors Academy. (It costs SGD$2,000 at least). c.f. Dr. Ong Keng Sen.

Oh, and, today is the 1,508th day since 1st of March, 2020 A.D.