Plague Diary. 14th June 2023.

Today is the 1201st day since 1st March 2020.

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Yesterday, I went to an event that used Open Space Technology to facilitate conversations.

The topic was sustainability: specifically, carbon management and carbon reduction.

Here is what I learnt from the three-hour event.

The industry is in a mess that no one knows how to fix.

No one really knows if what they do matters in the larger scheme of things.

Everybody feels tired.

When somebody sends an email that requires an urgent response, there is frustrating silence from the other side.

So-called “experts” use too much jargon in conversation, so that nobody understands those experts. And it's questionable whether those experts possess any valuable knowledge.

The (free-of-charge) pizza gave me a stomach upset the next morning. But it's probably my own fault for eating too much pizza in one go.

Many participants questioned thus: is the sustainability scene full of bullshit?