Plague Diary. 30th June 2023.

Today is the 1217th day, since 1st March 2020. (According to a software program).

Right now, there is not enough physical space on this island, for every tourist and immigrant that wants to hide here. And how desperate they seem, in their desire to hide here!

So the government is tearing down well-loved buildings, to make space for these desperate people.

But these destructive actions anger and sadden the existing inhabitants.

Add to that, the existing infrastructure is crumbling and malfunctioning, due to old age, and inevitable wear-and-tear.

Add to that, cancer, mental illness, famine and war.

Add to that, extreme climate-change.

Poor human beings, dying a slow and painful death. And their political leaders – elected in the name of democracy, communism or otherwise – have failed to provide a clear, guaranteed way out of suffering.

My heart breaks to see this species of Homo Sapiens, 8 billion in number, slowly rot away.