Plague Diary. 24th July 2023

Today is the 1241st day since 1st March 2020 A.D.

I've been stumbling upon publicly available pianos, and practising on them.

Slowing developing my repertoire.

  1. A waltz from the 19th century A.D., by Granados: Valses poéticos, No. 5: Elegante.
  2. Für Elise, by Beethoven.
  3. Danube Waltz, by Strauss.
  4. To Zanarkand, by Nobuo Uematsu.
  5. Garibaldi Courtyard, by Yamane Michiru.
  6. Forbidden Love, from a Japanese television-drama.
  7. Moonlight Densetsu, theme song from an anime, Sailor Moon.
  8. Hedwig's Theme, from a movie, Harry Potter.
  9. La chanson d'Hélèn, from a French movie, titled “Les Choses De La Vie” (“The Things of Life”). Composed by Philippe Sarde.
  10. “First love”, a Japanese Pop song by Utada Hikaru.
  11. Nocturne, Op. 19, No. 4. Composed by Tchaikovsky.
  12. Chopin's posthumous Nocturne in C-sharp Minor, B. 49.
  13. “Bratja (Brothers)”, a theme song from an anime, Full Metal Alchemist.
  14. Clockwork, a soundtrack from a video-game named “Castlevania III”.
  15. 菊花台,a song popularised by 周杰伦.
  16. 夕陽之歌,popularised by 梅艷芳.
  17. 月亮代表我的心,popularised by 邓丽君.
  18. Sakura Prelude, a Japanese folk song.
  19. Chan Mali Chan, a Malay folk song.
  20. Be Thou My Vision, a traditional song of religious worship (that praises the God of the Bible).
  21. “Home”, a local Pop song. Popularised by Kit Chan, and composed by Dick Lee.
  22. Prelude in C Major, BMV 846, by Bach

What's next? Considering a choice from the following:

Anyway, thank you to all the composers of the above music, and thank you to the makers of all the pianos I've played on. I'm just a drop in the ocean of humanity.

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