Plague Diary, 7 August 2021. (Content Warning: murder, Lord Jesus Christ)

I observed that quarrels are intensifying, sometimes between total strangers. This is happening both online and “in real life”.

At some point in time – I don't know when – people have divided themselves along an ever-increasing number of “fault lines”: affiliation to political parties, age group, how one wears a mask, whether one goes for a vaccine, et cetera.

The other day, a 16-year-old killed a 13-year-old with an axe.

More and more people have received Covid vaccines, but clearly the vaccines are no help in turning people away from evil ways.

Lord Jesus Christ's message was – and still is – “repent of your ways; the kingdom of God is near. And believe in the gospel”. (The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 1, Verse 15).

But Lord Jesus's message is remarkably absent from the mouths of political figures. (From what I've seen, at least).

As for me, I am still reading science fiction, titled The War of The Worlds.