plague diary, 15th April 2023 A.D.

Today is the 1141st day since the day of 1st March 2020. (According to ).

Let me observe the city around me.

I'm not sure if it is a worldwide thing, but there seems to be a lot of noise and crowds near me.

A lot of shows/events have sprung up within shopping malls, and the emcees/hosts seem to enjoy using microphones with the volume turned up to unprecedented levels. (Which, of course, pierce and stab my sense of hearing in unprecedented ways).

Expensive cocktail bars seem packed with affluent, well-dressed people who don't mind squeezing themselves into a waiting list.

Baristas report historic highs in monthly sales at their shops. Business is more brisk than ever before, but customers – while injecting caffeine into their bloodstream – groan that they are suffering from too much work and too little sleep.

And, of course, on the roads, drivers seem to be making very spectacular use of their honks to communicate their displeasure with other drivers.

It seems like it's a more frantic, more irritated world I've arrived in, after the moment of March 2020 came and went.

What about you, over there?