Plague diary. 25 July 2021.

I'm on the island of Singapore, observing people vent their frustrations on each other, and on the government.

Anecdotal evidence suggests friends terminate friendships after differing in opinions about Covid restrictions. (Something like: “I'm no longer your friend if you insist on leaving your house every day”).

Meanwhile, racist sentiments run high, and other forms of hatred abound. I shall not elaborate, for brevity.

A highly polarised environment, in short.

Unfavourable and brutal conditions for migrant-workers seem likely to remain. (Currently the rules only allow them to appear either at workplaces or dormitories, with few exceptions).

I thank (a Biblical) God for a (supernatural and divine) sense of peace, in the midst of this turmoil. I hope more people come to encounter this peace, in the name of Lord Christ Jesus.