who is the prince of this world?

Please let me ask – who, indeed, exerts control over this planet? Are the following people in control?

  1. Luis Rubiales, former President of the Spanish football federation. (“Luis Rubiales, Former Spanish Soccer Chief, Faces Arrest”. In The New York Times. 21 March 2024. And: “Luis Rubiales quits in wake of World Cup kiss scandal”. In The Guardian. 10th September 2023).
  2. S. Iswaran, politician in Singapore. (“Iswaran faces 8 new charges over obtaining $19k in items...”. In The Straits Times. 25 March 2024.)
  3. Donald Trump, former President of the U.S.A. ('No one’s ever seen a bond this size': Eric Trump criticises $454m judgment against his father. In The Guardian. 24 March 2024.)
  4. Elon Musk, a rich man. (“A judge in California on Monday dismissed the tech billionaire Elon Musk’s 'vapid' lawsuit against the Center for Countering Digital Hate”. In The Guardian. 25 March 2024).
  5. Sam Bankman-Fried, entrepreneur in the field of crypto-currency. (“US prosecutors seek decades in prison for Sam Bankman-Fried”. In Blockworks. 15 March 2024).
  6. Elizabeth Holmes, entrepreneur in the field of medicine. (“The former billionaire is now serving her 11-year sentence in Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas... will be in prison until 2032”. In Cosmopolitan. 22 March 2024).
  7. Dee Kosh, celebrity in Singapore. (“Former DJ Dee Kosh jailed for sexual offences involving teenage boys”. in Channel News Asia. 5th August 2022.)
  8. Tim Westwood, celebrity in the United Kingdom. (Tim Westwood steps down from radio show after sexual misconduct allegations. In The Guardian. 27th April 2022).
  9. T. T. Durai, former CEO of a well-known charity organisation in Singapore. (“National Kidney Foundation financial scandal (2005)”. In Singapore InfoPedia.)
  10. Kong Hee, husband of a celebrity, and founder of an organisation. (“City Harvest Church's founder Kong Hee along with 4 others begin serving jail terms”. In International Business Times. 21st April 2017. And: “Church founder Kong Hee was found guilty of misappropriating some S$50 million of church funds with the help of five key church leaders.”. In WikiPedia.)
  11. Karim Benzema, celebrity and soccer-player. (“France's Benzema suspended over sex-tape affair”. In DW. 2015)
  12. Sean Combs, celebrity. (“He was a hip-hop legend. Now, abuse allegations engulf Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs”. In The Guardian. 31st March 2024.)
  13. Benjamin Netanyahu, politician. (“Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu released from hospital after hernia surgery”. In The Straits Times. 11th August 2013.)
  14. Jeffrey Epstein, a rich man, and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell. (“running a vast human-trafficking operation... procured women and girls for sex with himself and his elite associates.”. In Encyclopaedia Britannica.)
  15. “Zimbabwean president declares state of disaster due to drought”. In The Guardian. 3rd April 2024.
  16. “two men, convicted in billion-dollar money-laundering case, to be deported”. In Channel News Asia. 4th April 2024.
  17. “Business school owner sentenced to five-and-a-half years in jail for fake degree scam”. In The Straits Times. 19th January, 2016.
  18. B. M. McAlpin, a (former) high-ranking deputy in a sheriff's department. “Six ex-Mississippi ‘Goon Squad’ officers get 15 to 45 years in prison, for torture of Black men”. In The Guardian. 10th April, 2024.
  19. Gonzalez, N., a fashion designer. “Designer Nancy Gonzalez sentenced to (18 months in) prison for smuggling crocodile and python handbags”. In The Guardian. 23rd April, 2024.
  20. Hecker, L., a retired priest, confronted with rape allegations. “US archdiocese must submit clergy-abuse documents to police”. In The Guardian. 24th April, 2024.
  21. “Singapore diplomat suspended amid probe into allegations he filmed teen at public bath in Japan”. In Channel News Asia. 2nd May, 2024.