Plague Diary. This the 1347th day since 1st of March, 2020 Anno Domini.

What have I accomplished since the first mention of Covid appeared on the web-pages of news corporations worldwide? I write the below words to help me keep track of the goings-on in my life so far.


  1. brewing pour-over coffee,
  2. making latte art,
  3. Sparking and tending to relationships with customers, and
  4. growing my cache of coffee-related knowledge.



Here are some questions, courtesy of Patrik Rolf, to help me reflect further:

  1. Am I contributing value to my chosen industry? If not, it's time to leave my workplace.
  2. Has my chosen organisation moved closer to its vision and goals, over the past period of time? If not, Patrik suggests that it is time to shutting it down, or submit my resignation letter.
  3. If my work at my chosen organisation negatively affects other spheres of my life, it's time to leave that organisation.
  4. My part-time jobs and hobbies are not must-haves for me to enjoy a fulfilling life. They are avenues to help me enjoy life. So, are they still the best avenues for me to arrive at my desired goals, dreams and destinations?
  5. If my chosen organisation is not producing something I like to consume, it's time to leave.

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