The seven types of wives, according to the Buddha

  1. Slayer Cold and heartless, she kills the one who supports her.

  2. Thief Steals from her husband.

  3. Tyrant Heaps abusive words on her husband.

  4. Sister Holds her husband in esteem.

  5. Mother

  6. Friend Expresses happiness when seeing her husband.

  7. Handmaiden Obeys the will of her husband, and will not abandon her husband, even at the cost of her own life.

According to the Buddha, three of these types go to Hell after their bodies return to dust, while the remaining four go to Paradise. Guess which ones.

Source: the Pali Canon (if I remember correctly).

And, this information is probably easily searchable on the Internet. For example:

How wonderful that enthusiasm for Buddhism can spread through cyberspace!