quotes from Darren G, a coach in acting

“It is better to be a glorious failure than a mediocre success.”

Mediocre success hinders you from tasting glorious success. (Editor's note: Darren attributes this quote to the late playwright, Kuo Pao Kun)

“Everything is a transaction [a communication or exchange]“.

As long as you are within view of the Other – which is the typical situation of the average human in modern times – you are sending out a communication-signal, whether you are conscious of it, or not.

“I cannot emphasise enough the importance of awareness [as an actor's tool.]”

the onus is on the actor to engage in exercises that develop his own awareness, when he is absent from the stage/screen. But there is danger in over-stimulation of one's sense, such as inside a crowded shopping mall. (Darren confesses that the latter situation does drain Darren's energy quickly.)

“Think for yourself: How can you game the game? I never said you cannot play the game a certain way. [Within ethical boundaries.]”

Do not harm others. Do not harm yourself. Don't be an asshole.

“whenever there is a dialogue, you are doing something to another person. [Whether you are conscious of it or not].”

Be specific with your behaviour. That's the mark of a great actor, as compared to a good actor.

“Respect each other's choices.”

How should classmates – or co-workers – behave around one another, when working together to prepare a performance? (Throughout the entire process, from script-hunting, to rehearsal-planning, to stage-unfolding).