Playing with an Italian word, “carna”.

The word “Carna” means “meat” in Italian language. Hence, “Bottega de Carna”, or “shop of meat”.

I find it interesting to compare “carna”, in Italian, with “carnal” in English.

So, instead of saying “I have carnal desires”, one could perhaps say, “I have desires of the meat”.

And indeed, human beings can be carnivores, or even cannibals. And thus, I coin a new word, “carnibals”, to be used instead of the stale old “cannibals”.

What's stopping my neighbour from devouring my flesh like a carnibal? Or, to put the question in another way, what's stopping me from devouring the flesh of my neighbour?

May the Lord Jesus, merciful Messiah Yeshua, spare me from His wrath and rescue me from perverse cannibalism!