Plague Diary. This the 1361st day since 1st of March, 2020 Anno Domini.

Just saw Boram Um, David Crosby and Cole Torode at Dough. It's their day of rest, today.

I asked Cole how he deals with burn-out and being jaded. (He's been in the coffee industry for 15 years).

He suggested finding an outlet for your negative energy.

He shared that on his current tour, he has a public-facing event, nearly every day. It's hectic. But he and his team has a ritual of running every morning. He hated running at first, but he grew to enjoy it after a while. He said his morning run helps to adjust his energy for the events of the day.

But he also acknowledged that different people may have different approaches to dealing with burn-out. Maybe some people might want to take a long break every three months.

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