musings that may be political and religious

Can an intellectual and a labourer ever work together for a common future?

Were they born to be natural adversaries? The labourer doesn't bother to see the value in the intellectual activity of the intellectual (“my motto? Don't think! Just do!”), while the intellectual understandably feels some kind of contempt for labourers who complacently dismiss the importance of intellectuals.

Perhaps their common trait is their shared vulnerability to the machinations of the ruling class, or whoever happens to hold the biggest guns in their area of work.

But Jesus has mercy on them all. He died for all sinners, so that all sinners may bow the knee before their Saviour.

Yes, the common trait between the ruling class, the intelligentsia and labourer-class is that they have all failed to meet God's standards of holiness. And now Jesus has reconciled them all to a most holy God, by dying a torturous death.

Indeed, Jesus deserves to be called King of kings, and Lord of lords.