Menstruation in fictional stories by women

It occurred to me that I am coming across stories of menstruation frequently.

For example, in Angela Carter's twist on fairy tales, titled “The Bloody Chamber, and other stories”. (1979).

Or, in Noelle Q. de Jesus's collection of short stories, titled “Blood”. (2015).

Or, in Loung Ung's autobiographical trilogy of books, of which the first is titled “First they killed my father”, and the second is titled “Lucky child”. (2005).

How do I feel about it? I feel out of my element, and somewhat uncomfortable, as if I am not supposed to be here, together with the narrator who is discovering menstrual blood for the first time.

But I imagine that if I were a female reader, I might feel more connected to the storyteller.

That reminds me, I have made a note to read Anita Diamant's book, titled “The red tent”. It is about a group of women – ostracised by society because they themselves menstruate – who gather together with other menstruating women.

But of course, there are lots of other books waiting for me to read... 🤔 Decisions, decisions.