is Man just another beast, after all?

Visiting a little food-store today, I was surrounded by a large crowd of human beings, who were chomping, chewing, biting and swallowing. A tiny room squeezed all of us together.

I was suddenly reminded of a great herd of... Of... Of... Some kind of animal. A kind of two-legged, carnivorous cow.

Is that what human beings are, after all? Eating, burping, farting, defecating... And eventually, dying.

And what can one say about the life of a human being, upon his death?

Perhaps: “he was born, he ate some food, he ejected some faeces from his anus, and then he died.”

Is this a reflection of me?

I believe that only Jesus Christ can give me dignity. Without Jesus, I am just another mindless animal, alive in one year, and then dead in the next year.

May the Lord Jesus remember me, when He comes in the glory that a Son Of God has.