caffeine-free drinks

Yeah, curbing my intake of coffee is torturously difficult. But I make effort.

Here are drinks that I use as a substitute.

  1. Barley with a slice of lemon, at “Kopi & Tarts”
  2. Soy milk, at “Mr. Bean”
  3. Milo, but without ultra-processed milk, at certain kopi tiam
  4. Sugar-cane drink, at hawker centres.
  5. Hot chocolate with 70% cocoa content, at “Awfully Chocolate”, inside the shopping mall known as VivoCity.
  6. Chicken soup, cooked with Chinese herbs. At a hawker centre named Albert Centre.
  7. Lime juice, freshly squeezed, not made from cordial. At Old School Delights.
  8. Organic lemonade, fermented with cane sugar (but with approximately zero alcohol content), at Real Food Grocer.
  9. Juice of a coconut, at Tekka Hawker Centre.