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A new classmate made his entrance today: Joao (pronounced somewhat like Jo-el), a youthful-looking man from Portugal.

He had missed the previous two classes due to a business trip – or so he claims – but he seemed to catch up quite quickly.

Today's exercise: intercostal diaphrammatic breathing.

Lie down and breathe in. Notice how your belly rises.

Now sit up and breathe in. Notice how your shoulders hunch up.

Aim for the former instead of the latter. It's a habit in adulthood to not engage your diaphragm.

Use your diaphragm instead of your throat, in projecting your voice. It's healthier that way. Otherwise you'd harm your throat or vocal cords.

Tools of an actor:

Darren's motto/mantra:

“be interested [i.e. take an interest] and you will be interesting. If you think you are interesting, you are not.”

We took turns to pitch a script to each other. What would we want to watch, or even perform in?

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