thinking about the anime known as Evangelion

The year was 2008 and I had read about Evangelion from some parts of the Internet.

And I wanted to watch this show that everybody seemed super impressed by.

“Anime for adults,” someone described it thus.

Now, writing in 2022, I am ashamed to say that, as a 18-year-old boy, I watched episodes of the anime series, together with the movie known as “The End of Evangelion”, in a way that is probably illegal. I watched them in a pixelated version, from websites that provided something known as “streaming”. I paid no money for it.

Today, in a few hours' time, the team that runs a cinema near me is screening the latest installment in the Evangelion series. (

I could spend my day without watching it... Or I could try to make amends for my free-loading past, by sending some money to this screening tonight.

I thank God (of the Bible), who is a god who provides second chances. He is so generous, compassionate and merciful.