a lament over Singapore

The average person in the street seems remarkably ill-tempered and rude.

And these people have little children in their “care”.

So – quite sadly – it is unsurprising that reports of child abuse, and domestic violence, have increased in the local news.

十年树木,百年树人。This Chinese expression means that it takes more effort to cultivate a person, than to grow a tree.

But, alas! The Singaporean authorities have prioritised the development of physical infrastructure, over moral education of the masses. And such a decline – in the midst of shiny skyscrapers – has occurred over decades.

Now the city is infested with selfish, arrogant, money-driven human beings, which are a pale shadow of a child of God. Shameless and brutal, they spout empty grandiosities from their mouths, hating and being hated in turn.

Now, may God not hold their sins against them.

And may God receive my spirit.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, amen.