my collection of photos with older men (all platonic in nature)

Now I realise that these older men are imperfect by nature, because their hearts are not devoid of lust, greed, desire, hatred, aversion, ignorance and delusion.

Nevertheless, they did take the time to appear in a photo together with me, as below.

21st of July, 2024 A.D.

Tan Chan Boon, composer of at least one symphony. Also the President of “Gustav Mahler Society (Singapore)”.

20th of April, 2024 A.D. Hans Graf, conductor of an orchestra that performed Brahms's Requiem.

23rd of March, 2024 A.D. Pianist who performed Brahms' Piano Concerto No. 1.

10th of February, 2023 Anno Domini. Politician who became operator of a bistro. (State-controlled mass media has previously vilified him.)

1st of May, 2022 Anno Domini. Conductor of a band of 18-year-old musicians (who played the instrument known as harmonica).

5th of December, 2013 Anno Domini. Developer of a web-page that listed information on music gigs in Taipei, Taiwan.

11th of November, 2011 A.D. Lecturer at an university, in the field of Computer Science.