my bucket list re. piano

  1. performed on a Shigeru Kawai grand piano. (Music: “Forbidden Love” by S.E.N.S., the theme music of Fuji Television drama “Nisen-nen no Koi”, or “Love 2000”). 8 December 2021, approximately. Location: No. 176, Orchard Road.
  2. performed on a Bechstein grand piano, and an Bechstein upright. (Tchaikovsky's Nocturne, Op. 19, No. 4). 14 November 2023. Location: Block 3014, Bedok Industrial Park E.
  3. performed inside a ballroom of a hotel, (named Fullerton Bay Hotel, in Singapore). (Beethoven's Für Elise). 13 May 2024, approximately. Location: No. 80, Collyer Quay.
  4. performed on a Steinway, an upright. (Uematsu Nobuo's To Zanarkand). 29 May 2024. Location: No. 2, Orchard Turn.
  5. Performed on a Steinway, a grand piano. (J.S. Bach's Prelude in C Major, BMV. 846.). 3 June 2024, approximately. Location: No. 8, Raffles Avenue.
  6. Performed on a Petrof, a baby grand. (Chopin's posthumous Nocturne, B. 49). 18 June 2024. Location: No. 7, Holland Village Way.
  7. Performed on a Yamaha CX, a grand piano. Approximately July 2024. Location: No. 301, Upper Thomson Road, Singapore.

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